what can we do


No party is the same, so we don't have readymade price lists. We always make an appointment for a personal conversation, in which we would like to discuss the possibilities and / or wishes
so that we can really make a proposal suitable for your wishes.

As location, we can use our own locations, the location of Studio Dirk Vander Kooij or your own place or lawn. Here's an impression of the possibilities, difficult because there are not many limits.
By the way, England is nearbye!

Onze scones

high tea

A home-made high tea, as we think Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, would like to have eaten around 1840. During our high tea, you can enjoy freshly cooked snacks and cakes, all home-made. Of course, scones with homemade jam and lemoncurd can not be missed. After all this sweet violence, we can take a moment to relax or go straight to bread with different kinds of siege and, for example, a typical English savory pie.

Of course tea is included, but because we are coffee addicts, you may have a cappuccino or three with the high tea. In addition, you can also pimp the high tea to a high wine. 
We're not fond of the time, so it doesn't matter what time it will end.
At the high wine you start with cakes and scones, but after all the sweetness you'll continue with wine, cheeses, sausages and other food..


It's not just about food, it's about the whole picture. We would like to take care of your most beautiful day. We can do this by putting a lot of time into preparation, so it's about you, how's your day going to look like? Interpreting the conversations, tasting and looking at the endless possibilities together allows us to create something special with you. We would like to take the time to organise as much as possible, from the ceremony to a bistro, we bring everything with us. Flowers and chairs, tables and light. In addition, we love on-site cooking so you can smell, taste and experience what we do on the spot. Do not eat a standard menu, but whatever you like, here's everything possible, we have time to try things out. There's one thing we don't do and that's frying, so unfortunately no French fries or other cafeteriafood, you can always eat out.

Bruiloft Dronten

gegrilde groenten rond.png

Cooking workshops

We love sharing, and that's why we do cooking workshops. We usually cook a burgundic style, that is, not too chic and not only food on a plate, but different dishes and flavours on the table, so you can taste everything or choose what ever you want.

We'll do Spanish tapas, Arabic mezze, high tea or a chocolate workshop and everything in between. During the workshops, the various dishes are prepared in small groups while enjoying a bite and a drink. We always use fresh ingredients. Each group cooks some delicious dishes. After cooking you are ready to eat! Afterwards we'll email the recipes so that you can share them with everyone.


Reservations from 10 people, at our location we have room for cooking up to 16 people,
but we can cook with more people at other places.

Lunch or dinner

Also for lunch, there are a lot of possibilities, for example: sandwiches with homemade spreads, soup, fresh smoothies and salads. This we can do  everywhere. For instance around our fortress there are many beautiful places to go for lunch or picnic or rent a boat and enjoy the water near our fortress. Organize a meeting with lunch at our location or your location is also a possibility. Even for dinner, the possibilities are endless.

broodplank rond.png

feest rond.png


A companyparty or birthday, an own playlist, DJ or band. Soda's, wine and beer, 
a whiskeybar with cigars or a trendy Gin & tonic bar, really everything is possible.
We have a sound set, lights, smokemaking machines, snowmaking machine
and a real mirror ball.  As a midnightsnack we can do a burgerbar and make fresh burgers on site. The possibilities are huge and there are opportunities for every occasion and budget.

Saying goodbye..

Unfortunately, saying goodbye is part of life, so we decided to take care of this moment aswell. Less present and much more subdued, but still just the way we are.
The decoration, the warmth, feel at home, so that the last moment of being together after a funeral or cremation can be without noticing the time. With wood boards filled with cheeses and Italian meats or something totally different. Anyway, with our espresso machine for the cappuccino, latte, lungo, americano and tea. But maybe also with other drinks. With us, at your home or at another location.

afscheid rond.png