fortwand rond.png

Hééérlijk - Haarlem

A small 50 square meter, but with many outdistance possibilities outside, it's a beautiful terrain. Inside warmly decorated. The walls are 1.40 meters thick and the roof is 1.80 thick so nobody is bothered by us during our parties. As a suburb possibility there are still the poterne, the former appeal room of the fort, located exactly in the middle of the fortress. This space is for rent at the fortress and offers space for up to 100 people. Like other spaces, we can transform this space into a beautiful place. The fortress also offers the possibility to stay with larger groups. Up to 66 people. You can find more information on the website of the fortress.

Hééérlijk has no fixed opening hours. Because we often celebrate life, it's more convenient to call or email us before you come to us, then we can make an appointment.